Welcome Drew Henson and Bob Miller to the Class of 2020!

Congratulations to Drew Henson and Bob Miller, the Michigan Baseball Hall of Fame Class of 2020! Join us at Cooley Law School Stadium on Friday, June 18th, for the induction and plaque unveiling.


Celebrating Michigan's Baseball History...

Michigan has a rich tradition of baseball excellence, one that reaches back over a century while still thrilling and inspiring us today. Founded January 28, 2015, the Michigan Baseball Hall of Fame is dedicated to those players, coaches, teams and contributors representing the foremost in achievement and lasting impact, from Little League to the Major Leagues. We celebrate their legacies while looking forward to future baseball leaders taking the field and making their own mark.

The mission of the Michigan Baseball Hall of Fame is to:

  • Honor the state’s baseball heroes of yesterday
  • Celebrate the national pastime today
  • Inspire the baseball fans and ballplayers of tomorrow

A Michigan Baseball Experts Committee convenes annually to review and vote on each class of Hall of Fame nominees.



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